The Customer is always right

Yay, Nay, or Okay?
What do your customers think about you?

The customer is always right” is an expression you have heard before, or may have had to teach to your team to ensure that they keep your customers happy.

Customer Satisfaction is important. A happy customer will come back and tell others about the beautiful experience they had, a disappointed customer will not come back and will discourage others from supporting you, and an ok customer is on the fence, and it is your job to get them over to the happy side. With Jaabi, we can help you get that feedback, and make your customers say Yay!

Knowledge is Power

Know what your customers think of you - where you excel, and where you can improve.

Knowing what customers think about you, what their satisfaction or dissatisfaction levels are, and what their expectations of you are, will allow you to leverage their opinions and valid view points to improve your business.

A customer satisfaction survey is not a once of exercise, your business should continually be gauging and measuring the happiness of your customer at various points of the customer journey; then you will always be improving your product, improving service deliver,

Customer satisfaction surveys also help you identify pain points, where you can customise your solutions to meet your customers needs, as well identify areas for improvement, keeping your customers away from competitors, because once they are gone, it is almost impossible to win them back.

With Jaabi, you can run Customer Satisfaction Surveys continually, gathering data and turning it into information that will enable your teams to make decisions confidently and accurately.

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Benefits of conducting Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Jaabi Customer Satisfaction Surveys help you know how your customers feel, and what they think about your business - your products and services, your premises, your people, your brand, their overall experience. Here are some practical outcomes from learning from your customer.

  • Make strategic decisions
  • Refine existing products/solutions
  • Create better products/solutions
  • Improve service delivery
  • Improve customer experience
  • Increase brand loyalty
  • Increase market share

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Key Features

End to End security

WhatsApp is recognized for its robust security preventing any external party having access to customer data.


An online self-serve solution. Plus, customers use WhatsApp frequently, (app open more than 30 times a day)

Data validation

In-app validation of phone numbers, ID numbers to avoid duplicates.

DPA Compliant

All platform data is hosted in BW in secure servers.

Strong Authentication

Only authorised personel can access the dashboard through an HTTPS enabled website.

OCR (Work in Progress)

We are currently in the process of talking to BOCRA to have access to the centralized database of ID

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