Get Closer To Your Customers

Uncover opportunities by knowing your customer and

build your strategy around their needs.

Guesswork doesn’t cut it when it comes to launching successful products and crafting the right marketing messages. To position yourself to keep existing customers, or gain new business, you’ll need the right data to back you up.

Market Research surveys make it easy to get information from potential and existing customers, test concepts and ideas, measure brand awareness, and more.

Make Informed Investment Decisions

Investing can become complex and risky, however, with the right data, you can make informed decisions that reduce risk and increase your opportunities for success. Our market research surveys provide you with actionable data, giving you a competitive edge.

Understanding your target audience, market trends, market sentiments, opportunity size, and more. Engage potential customers, ask what they think about your new product, and how much they would be willing to pay.

At the end of surveys, you will have access to advanced analytics, giving you actionable information and data-driven insights that you can present at board meetings and to funders and investors.

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Learn More About Your Target Customer

In order to better understand and cater to your existing and potential customer base, it is important to gather relevant information about them - Who, What, Where, When, How?

You can capture basic demographic data such as age, gender, and location, but also more nuanced details such as their interests, values, and behaviors. By analyzing this information, you can gain insights into your customers' needs and preferences, and tailor your products and services accordingly.

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Key Features

End to End security

WhatsApp is recognized for its robust security preventing any external party having access to customer data.


An online self-serve solution. Plus, customers use WhatsApp frequently, (app open more than 30 times a day)

Data validation

In-app validation of phone numbers, ID numbers to avoid duplicates.

DPA Compliant

All platform data is hosted in BW in secure servers.

Strong Authentication

Only authorised personel can access the dashboard through an HTTPS enabled website.

OCR (Work in Progress)

We are currently in the process of talking to BOCRA to have access to the centralized database of ID

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Market Research Templates

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Market Research Survey

Product Research Survey

Pricing Research Survey